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Care Cube offers
high-quality disability assistance to individuals
of all ages and abilities.

About Care Cube

At Care Cube, our team of qualified and experienced staff works with the NDIS participants to achieve their goals. We follow a tailored approach which brings out the best possibilities to improve the overall wellbeing of the NDIS participant.

Our aim is to make a difference and raise the standard of living for participants with disabilities. By assisting them with respect and care, we are dedicated to achieving the greatest results for the NDIS participants.


We work hand in hand with those we assist, giving them the support and care they require to live the lives they choose in a welcoming community.

Self-care, engaging with community, lifestyle management, supporting family life with enhanced care, overall well-being are the focus areas of Care Cube team.

Our team is highly skilled in managing support using equipment like hoists and other trained ways of transfer and mobility and ensure suitable requirements of a participant.

We recognize the importance of family, friends, carers and community.

How it Works

Our Work Ethics

Kind & Responsible 

Vision . Mission . Goals

Adapting to customers’ needs and offer a sustainable lifestyle service support system. 
Respect & Equality
in service
Tailored and Compassionate approach   
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