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Safe & Smooth Mobility 

  • Limited mobility may not mean one cannot live an independent life. Our trained carers help with smooth mobility in the house and community using appropriate equipment

  •  Everyone is differently abled and may find some activities suitable and some movements challenging

  •  There are several options available such as powered chairs, walking aids and mobility scooters.

  •  A hoist is a tool that can help in minimizing heavy lifts for their carers and family. Staff at CareCube are well trained to use hoists and others aids to give the participant confidence and comfort.

  •  Our trained and experienced staff assist the participant in manoeuvrability and relocation using prescribed equipment like sera steady, Oxford hoists, wheelchairs, etc.

  •  The primary benefit of using Mobility handling techniques is to reduce the potential for injury to the participant. 


Safe transfers 

Safe transfers 





 Sera steady

Serra steady


Wheel chair vehicle

Wheel chair vehicle

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