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  • What is NDIS? Am I eligible?
    Government of Australia launched a scheme for people under the age of 65 years to facilitate people with disabilities. NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and governed by the NDIS Quality and Service Commission. To be eligible, one should be within the age of 65 years. An Australian Citizen, Resident (Permanent or hold a Permanent Visa or Protected Special Category Visa) Diagnosed with a significant physical or intellectual disability which affects your daily living
  • How and who will manage my NDIS funding in my plan?
    Before the commencement of your plan, you could opt for either of these 3 options to manage your plan. Plan Managed – You can choose a plan manager who will be responsible for paying your providers and claim all payments on your behalf from NDIA. NDIS Managed – You can choose NDIS to manage your plan and pay NDIS providers. Self-Managed – You can choose to manage directly also deploy a family member on your behalf to pay providers and claim payments.
  • Is my family allowed to participate in planning and assist in making decisions in my NDIS plan?
    Yes, your family and friends can assist in all the different stages of NDIS planning and decision making. Things like finalizing goals, making the right choices for services and providers.
  • What services and support can I get with NDIS funding?
    NDIS funds are accessible to the participant in the form of healthcare, travel and community participation and to enable an independent lifestyle. NDIS generates countless possibilities for a disabled person to lead an enabled life with choices of better living, pursuing hobbies, actively participate in community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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